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Bed and Breakfast Amsterdam



Cosy home ambience...

In the centre of Amsterdam, located only minutes away from the all major sights and nightlife spots and within walking distance from the museums, yet in a quiet residential area: Maes Bed and Breakfast and Apartments.

Amsterdam Bed and Breakfast

Maes B&B started over 10 years ago asone of the first B&B's in the city and over time it has become famous for its hospitality and home ambience. Readers of Tripadvisor even voted Maes B&B the best 'hotel' in the city! The rooms are quaint and comfortable and have their private bath. You can enjoy your breakfast in the guest kitchen.

Maes B&B works closely together with Herenstraat B&B, two doors down in the same street. [View bed and breakfast details ]

The hosts

Ken Harrison, who grew up in Hawaii and California, has been a European citizen for more than 20 years. He was a professional chef, with pastries as his speciality. His partner, Vladimir Melnikov, a Russian living in Holland for over 12 years. He is a professional Modern dancer and an atlas of information on the performing Arts here in Holland and Europe.

Amsterdam Apartments

Apart from the Bed and Breakfast accommodation, Maes can also provide an apartment for you. You have your choice of apartments in the Herenstraat where the B&B is located and apartments on the closeby Keizersgracht. A few steps away in the Herenstraat is Herenstraat B&B, offering apartments as well. [View apartment details ]

Nicolaas Maes
We have named the B&B after Nicolaas Maes, one of the famous Dutch painters from the 17th century and a pupil of Rembrandt. Some of his work can be seen in the Rijksmuseum.

How to make a reservation

For B&B rooms or apartments, please use the reservation form, or contact us through phone or email.

Contact us

Herenstraat 26 hs
1015 CB Amsterdam
telephone: + 31 20 427 5165
email: Maes Bed & Breakfast and Apartments



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